Friday, September 6, 2013

Whoville: Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss

I love Dr. Seuss books. 

I love the rhythm of the stories, the feel of the words rolling off my tongue. I love the made up words. I love the pictures.

I've read these books aloud so many times that I still remember parts of them nearly 20 years after my kids stopped clamoring to hear them. 

And so I was curious when I heard Newbreak Church's sermon team planned to base an entire sermon series on stories from Dr. Seuss--and the Bible, of course.

Life lessons from Dr. Seuss? 
Why not? 

We can learn from all kinds of sources because God's truth is God's truth. 
Last week Pastor Mike extracted words of wisdom from Oh, the Places You'll Go. 
And then I started writing. 

The posts are available on the Newbreak Girlfriends Facebook page, but I decided I would put them here too. Some will be from me, but I want to share some from other bloggers too. 

By the way, this blog post would be so much better if I could somehow make it rhyme. 

I can't. 

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