Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blogging Through the Bible

It seemed like a do-able goal at the time, but honestly, I had no idea how hard it would be to blog through the Bible.

First, it's hard to do anything on a daily basis.  Especially come up with something interesting to write. Additionally, I keep experiencing a sort of disconnect between hearing God's Word to me, and coming up with something to say.  Sometimes I try so hard to come up with something to say that I stop listening to God speak to me through the passages I'm reading.

Next, my schedule keeps changing.  In an ideal world, I do this at 8:00 every morning.  And then move on.  In the world I live in, sometimes I have to be out of the house at 8:30 and I'm racing to get going.

Finally, I just don't understand all these passages.  I could say something, or I could take verses out of context, but that seems a little disingenuous.

Oh, and one more thing, life just keeps getting in the way.  Like most everyone I know, I experience ebbs and flows of spirituality.  Wouldn't it be lovely just to be completely and passionately in love with God every single day?  Wouldn't it be great not to get stuck in emotional ruts from time to time?

I've been a follower of Jesus Christ long enough now that I know He'll see me through the struggles, but they still knock me for a loop sometimes.

At any rate, I still keep coming back to this blog.
I'm trying to get through the minor prophets right now.  And From Garden to City has moved on to the Psalms so maybe I'll meander through them and go back and forth.

I'm still striving for self-discipline and daily blogging, but we shall see how that goes.  I've been striving for self-discipline for most of my life.

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