Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas is over, and now I'm just tired. (In Napa.)

I thought I was pacing myself.  I thought I was enjoying the holidays.  I thought I was resting and relaxed.  Based on how tired I am now, four days after Christmas, I don't think so.

I stopped blogging over a week ago and went into Christmas mode.  Family arrived.  Grocery shopping, Christmas Eve rehearsals, and Christmas took over my life.

And then we left.  Good thing we came up a day early because when the rain came yesterday, it poured.

This hotel is more beautiful than I imagined, and I want to enjoy it, enjoy downtown Napa, and enjoy my husband, but I keep wanting to take a nap.

I am blessed.

  • Blessed to be married to a man who loves me and serves me and allows me to be me.
  • Blessed to have three children who actually like me.
  • Blessed to belong to a church family that I love intensely.
  • Blessed to have people in my life who challenge me and encourage me.

Blessed to have days like today (and yesterday) when I can relax and rest and enjoy beauty.  Blessed to have time to breathe.


Joy said...

what a awesome looking hotel!

Erin Flew said...

This may be the nicest place we have ever stayed. Happily, we came across an incredible deal, and we have had a lovely vacation.