Friday, August 12, 2011


On Tuesday, I learned about a City College professor who heads up the developmental classes taught at SDSU.  We don't actually offer developmental classes here, but SDSU freshmen can take needed classes through a community college on this campus without without actually having to travel to a community college.

Yesterday I started "stalking" her.  I suppose it's not really stalking because I haven't sought out her home address and I don't walk up and down her street or call her on the phone and hang up.  All I did is knock on her office door at SDSU five times yesterday just in case she was working.

Today I got back from lunch and saw her in the office, meeting with someone else, and now I'm sitting at a desk down the hall from her office and checking email, Facebook, and waiting until that someone else goes away.

Sigh.  This is so very unlike me.


As I typed those words, I heard a voice and remembered I needed to find the English department head at Grossmont so that I could take over a CV to that campus.  And so I quickly packed up my computer and followed the voice down the hall.  He didn't have an answer, but we chatted.  I picked up a few things in my office and then began waiting for the first professor I was stalking.

Eventually she said goodbye, but she started a new conversation with a few people in her office as they moved chairs out into the hallway in order to roll up a carpet.  I approached the door and rolled a few chairs out as I stood there.  Eventually I got to say hi and identify myself as the person who had sent her an email.  I told her I just wanted to put a face with the email, and she thanked me and shook my hand.  She told me she didn't have anything open right now, but she had put my email in a file for the future.  It didn't feel too awkward.

And so I learn to do these things.
I still don't have a job, but at least I feel like I'm doing something.

I'm knocking on doors, but opening those doors is God's job.  

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