Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm back . . .

It was a nice thought. Blogging.

I had no idea how hard the semester would be. I had no idea how much reading I would have to do.

I didn't expect to read so much. Or write so much.
I didn't expect to need to learn a new vocabulary.
I didn't expect to be so panicked over every paper.
I didn't expect to do so well.

I didn't expect to struggle spiritually or to have so many adjustments in every level of my life.
I didn't expect to have my life turned upside-down.

I'm no longer the church secretary.
I'm the director of a School of Ministry at CVCF.
I'm teaching a class at SDSU.

I'm moving.
I'm fighting fear.
I'm not sure where I'll end up at the end of the program.
But I'm moving.

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Beth said...

Loved reading your posts. My blog is sporadic. It reminded me of how my life has been taking shape over the last couple of years. We have similar passions - teaching and writing. I love it when I write something worth reading, but I haven't disciplined the rest of my life enough to make writing a priority.

God has also shook up my life and my perspective. I often reflect on the fact that Jesus is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle. I think He's doing laundry. Sometimes I feel the agitator, other times it's the spin cycle, and at other times I can feel the steam of the ironing board (one of those industrial presses that flattens everything). I see and feel it personally, and I've noticed it in others who live kingdom directed lives.