Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Sometimes I feel like I am walking on a treadmill.

I cover the same territory over and over again, experience the same fears, and struggle through the same difficulties.

I ask myself the same questions:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Is there something wrong with me that I'm not making any progress?
  • Does life really have to be so hard?
  • Isn't there a better way?

I keep trying to figure things out, but I don't have solutions, and I'm tired.

I want to jump off.

I've done that on a treadmill before. Accidentally.

I ended up with bruises and abrasions, and I felt really stupid. I should have been paying attention. Hanging on to the bar instead of closing my eyes and enjoying the walk.

Or maybe the treadmill of life is different.

Maybe I should let go of the what ifs and the constant problem solving and give my questions to God.

Maybe I just need to close my eyes, trust God, and keep moving.

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ThomasMo said...

Hey Erin,

I can surely relate to the treadmill analogy. The problem with a treadmill is not only that you do not really go anywhere, but if you stop, you instantly start going backward, or fall off. It seems so often that the effort to keep moving forward is exhausting and, sometimes, unfulfilling. I think this has a lot to do with us trying to do what we think we should and not what God means for us to do.

I have a lot of those scrapes and abrasions myself, but through the strength given to me by God, manage to keep getting back up and striving on!