Friday, October 16, 2009

Choosing Good versus Best

I couldn't sleep very well last night.
It's not unusual for my sleep to be punctuated by hours of thought, but usually I have a hard time focusing. This time I was very focused.

I am scheduled to attend a class in Irvine--a class I really do want to attend. It will totally help with CVSOM and so there is definite benefit.

On the other hand, if I go, I have no time to finish grading my students' Project 1 papers and I get behind on my homework. More than I already am. It means that I will spend Sunday afternoon and evening doing homework instead of taking a day off.

I paid money for the class, and I hate to waste the money.
There is a benefit to taking the class.
There are disadvantages.

It is good to keep my eyes on my ultimate goals and not get distracted by other things.
A few years ago I realized I primarily define myself as writer and teacher.
I need to focus on that.

I believe I'm choosing the best versus the good.
It's hard because I tend to think I can do EVERYTHING!

I can't.

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