Friday, May 21, 2010

Acts 3-4: God-Power versus Education

I'm a huge fan of education, of learning, of study, of memorization, of books. I'm in Irvine, traveling with Duane, and I brought six books with me to Panera. Just in case.

At the same time, some things can't be learned by reading or study.

In this passage, we see Peter and John heal a lame man. And then Peter speaks to the crowd, linking together Old Testament passages with the life of Christ. He speaks boldly, logically, passionately, and people respond, they repent, and they begin declaring the resurrection of Jesus.

The boldness of Peter and John really freaks out the religious leaders and so Peter and John go to prison.

Acts 4:13 tells us that the leaders "realized that [Peter and John] were unschooled, ordinary men . . . [who] had been with Jesus."

Peter and John speak with power because they are filled with the Holy Spirit, because they've spent time with Jesus. It doesn't hurt that the healed man is standing right there with them.

Something just occurred to me.
We can study for the sake of education.
Or we can spend time with Jesus by spending time in his Word. Seeking him. And studying. Worshiping him. Talking to him.

It's not quite the same thing.
One is educational, and the other is transformative.
One makes us smarter, and the other fills us with power.

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