Monday, April 12, 2010

Numbers 14: God's Timing, God's Power

Frustrating, isn't it?

God delivers these descendants of Abraham from slavery in Egypt, he parts the Red Sea, feeds them and gives them water in the desert, and brings them to the edge of the Promised Land.

Miracle after miracle after miracle.

And they panic.
They begin to wail.
The people in the land are too powerful.
We'll never enter the land.

Why did God bring us here only to kill us?
We wish we never left Egypt.
Let's go back.

Moses and Aaron fall on their faces to pray.
Joshua and Caleb say, "No! Don't panic! God will give us the land!"

And the people decide to stone Joshua and Caleb, and God steps in. He's done with these ungrateful people who do nothing but whine, who can't seem to remember anything God has done.

Long story short, the people "mourn bitterly" and decide to go up to the "land the Lord promised" and take it themselves.

They still don't get it.
With God, they can move into the land.
Without God, they can do nothing.

How often in my life has God said "move," and I panicked, thinking I didn't have the strength to move forward into the "land the Lord promised"?

How often in my life have I tried to seize the land on my own, in my own timing, by my own power?

I guess the point is that we need to listen, we need to move with God, we need to move forward by God's power, in God's timing.

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