Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jeremiah 24-30

Yes, I am a day behind. Yesterday was a crazy day. Suffice it to say that my Bible was at PLNU in my car, and I never cracked it open. Not once.

It's not like I don't have other Bibles in the house.
It's more like I just didn't choose to read them.

I wish it were not true, but there will always be days a little like that one. Busy days. Frantic, stressful, distracted days. Days when all I can do is pray, "God, I'm anxious. I can't keep up."

The best I can do is ask for help. And sometimes I even forget to do that.

God doesn't love me less on those days.
It's not like I can ever earn God's love even on days when I do all the things I think I'm supposed to do.

Grace means that God loves me on good days and bad days.

I read chapters 27 to 30 today, which puts me one day behind the reading schedule, but I'm not worried about that. I really just want to hear from God as I go about my day. Not because it makes more acceptable to him, but because I love him and I miss him when I'm too busy to spend time with him.

I hope to blog about the chapters later today, but in the meantime I need to remember that God understands my crazy life.

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