Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nehemiah 2: God Works and So Do We

Nehemiah to the mockers:  "The God of heaven will give us success.  We his servants will start rebuilding . . ." (Nehemiah 2:20)

I'm sort of a passive person.  I don't like to toot my own horn.  I don't like to put myself in the limelight.  I sort of think God will just make fabulous things happen.

And they'll just happen.  Sort of magically.  Miraculously, if you will.

But honestly, most things take a lot of work.
God puts things in motion, but we actually have to move.  And sometimes moving is hard.

So, when Nehemiah says, "God will gives us success," he isn't saying that the walls will build themselves or that there won't be any opposition, and he follows that statement by saying, "We his servants will get to work."

In other words, we work, and God makes it work together.

But if we don't put in the hard work of rebuilding, then the walls won't get rebuilt.  There won't be success.  The work is rebuilding is an act of faith.  Faith that God's promises are true.  Faith that our work is not in vain.  Faith that God can take all our efforts, meager as they may be, and establish them in ways that we never could.

What are you rebuilding today?
Get to work.

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