Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Adventures

So yesterday was my last day at Newbreak, and the adventure of trusting God begins. He has always been faithful, and so I'm not sure why I doubt him now, but I do.

I was greeted last night by an email saying my contract at SDSU was being held up because I am signed up for the "wrong" classes.  Never mind that the classes I am supposed to sign up for aren't being offered.  I didn't know that signing up for extra classes would mess things up.

It's an easy fix.  But I'm waiting for the Graduate Advisor to contact me so I can get it fixed.  And in the meantime, I'm a little anxious.

Clearly, remembering God's blessings and being thankful is going to be key here.  Otherwise the anxiety will eat me up.

I am grateful for:

  • Unused vacation pay.  (Being too busy to take off last summer really paid off.  In cash.)
  • One week's severance pay.  (The check that included all these blessings was smaller than I anticipated.  Apparently when you actually make money the government takes a bigger share.)
  • A fabulous husband and three amazing kids.  I got to spend time with all of them yesterday.
  • That Caitlin was able to get the classes she needs.  (Still waiting on French, but if she doesn't get it, she'll get it later.)
  • School.
  • Absolutely incredible friends.  
  • A new phone.  
  • Our house.  And the beautiful grassy area outside our front door.
  • My Honda Civic.  It runs!!!!
  • Jesus.  Today I feel his peace.  
  • Computers and internet.  
Most of us experience anxiety in uncertain situations.  In Philippians 4:4-7, Paul reminds us to rejoice in the Lord always.  I haven't done that everyday this summer.  I wish I had.  He says, "Don't worry about anything!  But in everything, present your requests to God--with thanksgiving."  

And so, I'm praying that the situation at SDSU gets resolved quickly.  I'm praying for a few small jobs.  I'm praying for wisdom with writing.  I'm praying for the coming school year.  And I'm asking God to meet all our needs.  I'm also asking for joy.  

And the promise here?  Peace.  Peace that transcends understanding.  Peace that goes beyond my ability to understand everything that's going on.  

Pretty standard stuff.  I've read this passage, recited this passage so many times in the last thirty or so years.  And yet, this is a continual challenge.

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