Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 Corinthians 3-4: Plants and Buildings and More Wisdom

I want to be significant. I want to do something that matters for eternity.
I want to know that my life matters. That it is significant.

Oddly enough, what I hear most often is I smiled. Or I said hi.
Honestly, that doesn't sound significant.

I think I am not so different than most other people. We want to know that our lives make a difference.

Especially when it comes to church ministry, something we hear about all the time.

Some years ago my friend Brenda felt like all she did is make coffee, and that wasn't really ministry. Oddly enough, because she made coffee, people felt comfortable hanging around so I could say hi. And because I said hi, people felt welcomed into the church and relaxed when Ron led worship. And when Pastor Mike spoke.

Some of us throw seeds, some of us water, some of us weed, some of us harvest. But only God makes the seed grow so that it becomes mature and bears fruit. And only God produces that fruit.

As for a building, when the foundation isn't solid, the building crumbles. And so some lay bricks, some work on the electrical, and some arrange furniture, but Jesus Christ is the foundation.

And it doesn't matter whether we dig holes for seeds, walk around with watering cans, paint walls, make coffee, or smile.

Our significance is in Christ.
And that's wisdom.

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