Monday, June 14, 2010

Comforting Others

Steve Nakagawa disagreed when I said I was an introvert.

I mean, I talk to people I don't know every weekend at church.
I meet them. I get to know them.
I guess that's what an extrovert looks like.

The thing is, I can only do that by the power of God.
When I am disconnected from God, or when I am struggling with emotional baggage, I walk into large gatherings and just want to sit in a corner by myself.

That's where I was a few weekends ago at church.
I thought about entering into some conversations with people I knew, but honestly I just wanted to sit alone. If I had a shield of invisibility, I would have used it.

Patty saw me and came up and talked to me about this blog. She thanked me for my vulnerability, for sharing struggles that were similar to her own.

I dissolved into tears, and she hugged me. For a long time. And I was grateful. And I worshiped with new strength and prayed with new hope.

That is comfort.
That is love.

Sometimes comfort is a hug.
Sometimes it is crying with someone.
Sometimes it is listening.
Sometimes it is meeting physical needs.

I am so grateful for people in my life, people who comfort me with the comfort God has given them.

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