Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lazy morning. What should I do first?

Duane is attending a class at the AG District Office in Irvine, and I came along for the ride. I like doing this because it gives me time to do things I probably wouldn't have done if I stayed at home.

And so I'm sitting in a hotel room, listening to classical music, courtesy of, surrounded by more books than I could possibly open in the next few hours.

I have a copy of the Newbreak 101, with notes for editing.
I have books for my thesis.
I have books for the class I'll teach in the fall.
I have my Bible and journal, so I can write random things and write a few entries for this blog.

And I have internet and am trying not to check FB too often.
I have a cup of coffee, not in the styrofoam mug they provide here, but in a ceramic mug I brought from home.

What a wonderful, lovely morning.
What should I do first?

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